Thanks to some good website business the last year, we’ve been able to pay up our hosting for the next 12 months.  We may have 99 problems, but a hosting bill ain’t one.

Of course, the hosting is more for our other ventures than it is for this site.  Revamping this site is just a hobby at this point.  Though I feel there is a need for something like this for our area, the demand hasn’t risen.  That’s cool.  We’ll keep farting around with it until something clicks for us (or you).  Adding things like Twitter and Instagram feeds (based off of keywords like #demopolis) adds a little something extra, but the gold will come when we get some actual writers.  If we can’t convince anyone, then I’ll just photoshop people into embarrassing situations.

One last thing – stop feeding the troll “MCP”.  This is a nobody looking to start shit.  Too scared to face anyone in person.  Show this douchebag’s face once and I guarantee that page shuts down faster than CATV in a rainstorm.  There’s been an actual Marengo County Politics page created (correctly) for actual discussion (SEE HERE).  De-friend and move on.

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