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Established in 2002, Demopolis Live is a website dedicated to information and opinions in and around West Alabama.  Known in the past for our message-boards, DLive now focuses on Blogs and social media content.  We are a non-profit, for fun and amusement website.

The community left our once 20,000 per day page view site for facebook.  With the advent of sites like facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., user-generated content sites like DLive’s forums just can’t survive anymore.  Everyone likes the freedom of posting un-moderated, to the audience of their choosing, with the control to delete any replies they choose.  We don’t blame them. It’s sad, however, that there is no “neutral ground” anymore for people to discuss things that matter.  With all the social media out there, the result is the same segregation of groups into like-minded hives.  Until the community (and world) is ready to mingle again, we’ll keep the spot clean, mowed, and watered.

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  • Love the site too. Live in Selma but frequently pay it a visit. Hope you can put that parasite person in their place. They have no business spreading lies about people, if they can’t back up their info. For the love of humanity, that fellow needs to stop hiding behind a social network site and tell everyone who he is and why he’s present. Don’t use facebook now but have plans of doing it, once I get my new LPFM radio station in the works. Have plans of streaming the broadcast too. Want to be Selma’s first and only all local Christian radio station and do the popular CCM format. So excited over this radio station. Raising money now to build the thing out. Plan on filing for a license come October of this year. Ready to jump into this business. Have some experience as an announcer. This will be my first time to ever run the radio station and announce at the same time. I may not know you Mr. parasite person but be careful with your words and thoughts. They may come back to bite you real hard. Something to really think about.

    I’m out for now.

    Dan Presley from Selma Alabama <

  • Just got word that the Demopolis radio stations may soon be getting a new owner. Heard that Broadsouth Commuications of Selma, are now in the process of getting them. Stay tuned and I’ll keep you posted. Now does anyone want to predict what will happen format wise, after Mr. Mike Reynolds takes them over?

  • Now for the latest on the radio stations and Broadsouth

    BroadSouth Communications, Inc., has reached an agreement with Westburg Broadcasting Alabama, LLC, to manage several Demopolis/Linden radio stations including WINL-FM, WZNJ-FM and WXAL-AM.

    BroadSouth owns and has operated WDXX-FM and WHBB-AM licensed to Selma since 1992.

    “This is an exciting opportunity to expand our community service commitment into west Alabama,” BroadSouth President Mike Reynolds said. “Even more exciting is our plan to create one of the country’s largest coverage areas by merging the 100,000 watt signal of WINL with the 50,000 watt signal of WDXX to create one giant footprint.”

  • Say Hello to:

    Broadsouth Communications Variety Hits/Sports “Fuzion 100.1” WDXX Selma, AL will return to its former “Dixie Country” identity on Monday, October 7.

    WDXX dropped its Country format in August 2012 when it attempted to rimshot Montgomery as the market’s exclusive home of Alabama University sports. After a year away the school re-added Cumulus’ 95.1 WXFX to serve Montgomery this year. While Dixie Country was away, Scott Communications launched “Kix 101.5” W268BW to serve Selma listeners.

    The new “Dixie Country” will also be heard on what is now “Win 98” 98.5 WINL Linden/Demopolis as Broadsouth will begin operating it, Classic Hits “106.5 The River” WZNJ Demopolis and Urban 1400 WXAL Demopolis via LMA from Westburg Broadcasting. Current “Fuzion 100” morning host George ‘G-Man’ Henry will remain in that timeslot on Dixie Country.

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